Kitarakellari was established in Kauniainen, Finland, in 2012. The shop is located in the cellar of a building and they sell guitars, which is how the name was derived. (Kitara = guitar and kellari = cellar) The company is in the business of buying, selling and trading new and used gear.

The shop has a custom/repair shop where you can have your instruments fixed or have them build you a custom instrument.

Our location

Kitarakellari Oy
Kirkkotie 15 K 1
02700 Kauniainen

We are located under the local pharmacy (apteekki).

Tim Weckman

CEO and Founder

Tim Weckman Tel: 040 162 2985

Tim Weckman is the CEO and founder of Kitarakellarin. He is always on site during business hours.

He fixes and builds stringed instruments.

Outside Kitarakellari hours, he loves to fix and build cars.

Please feel free to contact Tim by phone during business hours: 040 1622985

You can also email him at info@kitarakellari.fi